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When registering for an EmergencyScan membership, you’ll receive an individual code that can be placed on the medium of your choice. Use it on your bike or motorcycle helmet, a dog-tag necklace, your hard hat at work, or on your ID in your wallet. Use a photo of the code as the lock screen on your smart phone or place a sticker on the phone itself. Place the code anywhere you think will be the most beneficial! Relax knowing that life-saving information is only a scan away.

EmergencyScan™ Membership

From: $4.99 / month

Signing up is easy! Monthly membership is $4.99 per month, with a $9.99 initial setup charge, plus tax. This includes one sheet of our non-latex water proof/sweat proof stickers printed with your code. A $4.99 charge, plus tax, recurs monthly.

Register for a year in advance for $49.99+tax and the setup charge is waived, saving you a total of $20 off your subscription!


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