How It Works

Simple, Secure & Safe!

Encrypted medical data is stored in an EmergencyScan® QR code on the necklace, bracelet, or ID. Only critical medical information is stored on the code. There is no risk of identity theft since physical addresses, social security numbers, or credit card information is never stored on the code.

QR Code - How it Works
Scan This Code
  • Sign Up

    Sign up for you or someone under legal guardianship is quick and simple. A profile needs a first name, a photo, and one emergency contact for setup. EmergencyScan® is most effective when a registered profile is current and up to date. It only takes a moment and might just save your life.

  • Get Your Code

    When you complete the profile registration, you’ll receive your Emergency Scan® code whether you choose our non-latex water- proof, sweat-proof stickers, or a bracelet, anklet or military-style dog-tag, or have us place the code on your existing jewelry – the code is yours for as long as you maintain your account.

  • Wear the Code

    Slap an EmergencyScan® sticker on your Bike or Motorcycle Helmet before a ride; put a sticker on a dog-tag necklace for your child before they’re off to camp or sporting events; put a sticker on your hard hat at work, on your name tag, or on an ID in your wallet. Take a picture of your code and use it as the lock screen on your smartphone. EmergencyScan® medical ID stickers are both durable and wearable.

Only a Scan Away

Life-saving information is only a scan away in the event of an emergency.

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