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EmergencyScan™ encrypted QR codes allow first responders instant access to the medical information, physician contacts and personal contacts they need to treat a patient in the safest, most effective way possible. With EmergencyScan™ you are in complete control of all information in your profile and there is no risk of identity theft; no physical addresses, no social security numbers, no credit card information. Click here, or scan the code for an example of the information available to first responders.

QR Code - How it Works
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  • Sign Up

    Sign up for yourself or for someone under your Legal Guardianship. When you join, very little information is Required; establish your profile with a First Name and at least one Emergency Contact. Keeping your information up to date is important – while very little is required to register, EmergencyScan™ is most effective when your emergency contact and critical medical information current. It takes only moments to update and might just save your life.

  • Get Your Code

    Get your EmergencyScan™ code! When you complete the registration you’ll receive your Emergency Scan™ code – this is yours to use on any medium you choose – whether it’s our non-latex water proof/sweat proof stickers, or a bracelet, anklet or military-style dog-tag – the code is yours for as long as you maintain your account.

  • Wear the Code

    Slap a sticker on your Bike or Motorcycle Helmet before a ride; put a sticker on a dog-tag necklace for your child before they’re off to camp or sporting events; put a sticker on your hard hat at work, on your name tag or on your wallet. Take a picture of your code and use it as the lock screen on your smart phone. Relax and know that life-saving information is only a scan away in the event of an emergency.

Only a Scan Away

In the event of an emergency, your critical medical information is immediately available to first responders.

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