Who is EmergencyScan™ for?

Anyone who wants to add a layer of safety in the event of an emergency requiring medical care.

Individuals with…Medical Conditions such as: Diabetes, Heart Conditions, Severe Allergies, Seizure Disorders, or others;

Kids in…Daycare, Sports, Camps or Extracurricular Activities; Teenagers, New Drivers;

Employers… EmergencyScan™ adds an extra level of safety and enhanced effectiveness of emergency medical response. Ideal for personnel working in a plant or refinery, engineering field work, construction, or other locations with a high potential for injury.

Is it Safe? Who controls my medical data?

EmergencyScan™ is completely safe. You are in complete control of any information in your profile. Only you have access to make changes and updates – and none of that information can be used for identity theft. EmergencyScan™ employees cannot modify your data. All we can do is reset your passwords and cancel accounts at your request. Our web and data servers are fully HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified for secure data encryption.

How much does it cost?

Less than your average fast-food lunch!

Individuals – Monthly membership is $4.99 per month, with a $9.99 initial setup charge, plus tax. Setup includes one sheet of our non-latex water proof/sweat proof stickers printed with your code. A $4.99 monthly recurring charge, happens automatically thereafter.
Register for a year in advance for $49.99 and receive 2 months free and the setup charge is waived, saving you $20 off your subscription.

Employers Contact an EmergencyScan™ Global representative to receive a quote customized to your business needs.


The EmergencyScan™ sticker is designed to hold up during intense activities such as hiking, running, and cycling.

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