About EmergencyScan

EmergencyScan® was founded on the idea of Helping People and Saving Lives.

It’s our belief that most people are compassionate and would gladly help someone who is injured. What stops most people from helping is fear; fear of doing the wrong thing and making the situation worse. EmergencyScan® removes that fear barrier by providing a first responder – even if it’s a next door neighbor or a co-worker – with the critical emergency contact and health information they need when calling 911.

With a son who has epilepsy and a wife who is fighting brain cancer, our founder conceived EmergencyScan® as a way to help keep his family safe and his contact information ready in the event of an emergency. Anybody willing can call 911 and provide emergency responders with all the medical information they need to be most effective. At the touch of a screen that same everyday hero can contact our founder and let him know exactly what’s going on and where.

Helping People. Saving Lives. It’s as simple as that.

Quick & Easy

When first responders need to know your vital medical information quickly, EmergencyScan® is there.

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