Helping People.
Saving Lives.

Your Critical Emergency Contacts & Personal Health Record Available 24/7 How It Works
  • Peace of Mind

    With your EmergencyScan® code in place you’ll know that if you or your loved one is injured and needs help, anyone with a cell phone and an internet connection can access emergency contacts and the critical health information that first responders need to quickly and safely treat the patient.

  • When Time Matters

    Every second counts: Employers, EmergencyScan® adds an additional layer of safety and increased effective response time in the event of an at-work injury – no need to locate employee files to provide details to emergency responders; just scan the code with any internet connected device and critical, life-saving information is at your fingertips.

  • Under Your Control

    You are in complete control of your personal health record. EmergencyScan’s® database is secured and encrypted at multiple levels to ensure the safety of your information. Even EmergencyScan® employees can’t alter your information.

Rest Easy

Relax and know that critical help is only a scan away in the event of an emergency.

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